Happy to Be Teaching

by Sandra Bruce

I was driving home from my lecture with the guild in San Rafael, CA the other day and thinking about how much I enjoy teaching my technique Material Matrix, and teaching in general. Every time I teach, no matter what, I learn something from each class. It’s been just over two years since I began, and for my blog post today, I’d like to showcase a few pictures that are favorites of mine, either from guild workshops or classes I’ve taught locally and in quilt shops. These photos are all student work. Some I have had the pleasure of quilting on my longarm.

I’m teaching in many places down the road, into 2017, and I invite you to check out the list on my website under “teaching” if you are interested in a class. My workshop at Zephyr Cove for this September is full, but there are other possibilities, and always 2016! I have one other 4-day workshop happening in September 2015 in Mt. Vernon, WA which I’ll be talking about soon.

In the meantime, here’s a “slideshow”. I am so proud of all your successful work!

IMG_5897Pat, and her beautiful piece, at a MAQ Challenge Reveal


Kathy, holding up her tulip quilt


Marylee, working studiously


Trudie, with her “little grey cells” at work


A student from East Bay Heritage Quilters


Peggy came into Sugar Pine Quilt Shop on a Thursday to show me her finished pincushion top


Robin, with her fabulous quilt, who was in my very first class!


Trish, who has done more Matrix quilts than anyone I know (besides me!)


Lindsey, from Zephyr last year, working on a quilt of her dog, Beasley


A great class in Sunriver, Oregon. Perhaps the quietest  and most studious class ever!

IMG_8166A big smile from Penni, in Modesto, CA…a great beginning to her “Wake Up Cup”!


The Las Vegas Desert Quilters from one of my workshops there in January this year.


Closeup of Jane’s hippo, also from Zephyr last year. Nice work!


A Kaffe Fassett version of “Sew Ready”….fun!


A big smile for some first-time curved piecing, in Elk Grove, CA.


Nancy, with her “Wes”.


After the “Cup” class Lynda is inspired to do her own Matrix design!

Thanks as always for your interest in our blog. Heidi, Christine and I enjoy writing every week and look forward to our retreat in September. I’m ruminating about my next Matrix quilt and will keep you posted! It’s going to have a theatrical flair. Thanks to everyone who has taken my class and whose photos appear here. I appreciate you and your enthusiasm!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy to Be Teaching

  1. That was SUCH a fun class! I believe my hippo will be going on the road this year. He will be making a lengthy appearance as a sponsor quilt in Sisters or Bend, Oregon during the outdoor quilt festival time, and perhaps an appearance at PIQF in the fall.

  2. You are an incredible teacher. Each morning when I walk by my Wes quilt, I am amazed by the Matrix process. Gee…….I do have a second son……..Thank you, Sandra for encouraging me to push harder.

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