Spring Green is Everywhere!

by Heidi Emmett

As thunder boomed and lightening was streaking across the skies, I was saying thank you, THANK YOU, for rain, any amount of rain. Ahhh, it came at 2:30 a.m. a real, “gullywasher.” The fast moving storm, cleaned off ALL the pollen and gave us much needed nitrogen, to green up all the leaves and blades of grass. Below are Hostas just finishing their unfurling. I just love the colors of green and the wrinkles that show off their newness.



A walk to our outdoor garden yielded more spring green leaves of ivy. The “X” ivy runs remind me of one of one of the techniques/projects in my workshop, Art on the Wall, Art to Wear. This technique teaches, leaf shape sewing, stem inserts, gentle curve inserts, and lots of fun top stitching.




Holding a single piece to the light gives a stained glass look.



I brought the “Skinny Mini” back into the house. I love it on the back of the chair. How about turning the skinny mini into two chair covers (on chairs at each end of the table) and a centerpiece of greenery? Simple elegance to celebrate spring and summer.


Join me, Heidi Emmett, at the Artistic Alchemy retreat and learn how to make the most of all the techniques you will learn. It is “Art on the Wall, Art to Wear.” Enjoy your creativity. Hugs, Heidi

P.S. I just sent the fourth (yes 4th) project off to Stitch magazine. They all involve ‘Leaves.’ Two will be available in an E-book in June. The other two will be in Stitch the Fall 2015 issue. I will have all four projects at the workshop for you to see and learn.

P.P.S. Hop on over to my own blog, designsbyheidi.wordpress.com to see what’s up.

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