Introducing Our 2015 Workshops

IMG_7699By Christine, Sandra, and Heidi

Greeting, everyone!
This week we wanted to give you the scoop on what we’ll be doing in each of our workshops in September. Check out the Workshops page and the reg form (located on the Workshops page) for more info and images, and be sure to get in touch if you have questions. We love hearing from you!

Christine: Transparency, A Very Special Effect

Transparency, the illusion of see-through color, is one of my favorite special effects in quilt design. It takes some planning, but when it works, wow, it’s dazzling. “Parent/child” transparency involves a light parent, a dark parent, and, where the two parents overlap, a medium child. When the design lines flow from the parents through the child, the illusion is even more convincing. With “layered” transparency, a shape of transparent color seems to float above or below another area of color. The effect can be graphic or ethereal, but it’s always magical.

The workshop starts with a crash course in color, followed by three simple mock-block exercises and three more challenging ones. On Day 2 or 3, depending on how you like to work, you’ll begin a transparency quilt. Here’s my “Transparent Squares” quilt, which will be in the Spring issue of Modern Patchwork:

Trans Squares 10"


Heidi: Art to Wear, Art on The Wall 2015

Sewing and quilting have been lifelong passions for me. In my workshop we will explore several of the techniques I use in my clothing and quilting designs. Some of them will be new to you, and some will be new twists on classic ideas.

Techniques we will explore include deep space spirals, sketch stitching & easy stamping, and layered and shaped appliqués, to name a few. Our time together will be spent making samples of these techniques, culminating in actual small, usable, projects. They include but are not limited to: a tote bag, a pillow, a centerpiece, and/or a wearable art piece (which you will complete at home).

Besides using quilting cottons, I have ideas that include denim, linen, and textured cotton, (all of which I will provide).

This workshop will take you on a new journey in your quilting adventures.



Sandra Bruce: Material Matrix

My love of the painter Chuck Close’s work was the influence in my development of “Material Matrix” as a technique using fabric. It works best using a photograph that is graphic and contains a large central element, along with areas of value and color changes, and some detail. Having a workshop of this length allows time for you to work and gain a concrete grasp of how to do this technique. Seeing what other participants are doing and how they are interpreting their photographs is also invaluable for learning what works and how differently we all “see”. This is a fantastic opportunity to go outside the typical, to do something completely different than you have done before.

Below, see an example entitled “Matteo and the Amaryllis”, showing the finished piece and the photo I used to execute it. I welcome any questions, and hope to see you at Zephyr this Fall!


MP amaryllis cropped

5 thoughts on “Introducing Our 2015 Workshops

  1. Lovin all the
    creations in the workshops…. wishing I lived on the west coast.. Christine, I have drafted the X block and purchased some similar “black on whites” and am sewing those with my Kaffe fabrics I love it. Unless you are coming to PA in the future I’ll be following along here and in your book…Thanks for the refreshing ideas ‘

    • Hi Bonny, thanks for your comment! Maybe one of these days I’ll be teaching in PA. (I have friends in Lancaster and love to visit.) I LOVE the X block–it’s perfect for the Kaffes, and white with black prints make them look so airy. So nice to see more of those fabrics. Way too much fun, not enough time! Send a pic of your quilt when done, OK?

  2. THIS IS THE BEST, YET!!! Love how the transparency was so real to the gal in the ariticle. THAT IS FANTASTIC! Have fun, creative folks! WHAT A RETREAT this will be!!!! H-H

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