“Kreative Kaleidoscope Kravings”

by Heidi Emmett

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Happy 2015!  We will have all the news for the 2015 Artistic Alchemy Retreat within 2 weeks. So start planning to join us at our 2nd annual Artistic Alchemy Retreat at Zephyr Point Conference Center in early September.


A Sunset on Lake Tahoe from “The Bear Necessities Gift Shop” deck. Zephyr Point is such a relaxing,and kreative kind of place. Come see for yourself.


Helper cat, Rex, keeping warm on a chilly morning. Scarf knitted by Ginger Leuters.


Helper cat #2, Rubix, surveying his domain atop the armoire where I am now typing this post.

DSC_0512Begin your new “Kreative” year by putting the words “Kreate for 15 Minutes” on post it notes around your house. Little, motivating messages to get you going.

The “Kaleidoscope” quilt above was created by Jan Soules. Being the speaker chair for Pine Tree Quilt Guild (in Grass Valley, CA)for 2015, Jan was my first speaker for this year. I thought her workshop of the Kaleidoscope quilt above would be a great motivation for everyone. It was!DSC_0511A close up of one of her squares. We had a FULL workshop on Jan. 7th. What fun to walk around and see what others were doing. Check out some of the student’s work below.







DSC_0537I forgot to take a picture of my square. So I put it over a pillow. Hmm…that gives me an idea, I might make a pillow or two out of my practice squares.I am truly kraving to make more of these squares or work on another project. Why do I have to clean house and make meals?

It was so good to get together as a group and feel the collective creative juices flowing.It was a big party!  The Artistic Alchemy retreat in September will be the perfect way to fulfill your Kreative  Kravings for 2015.

I can’t wait to show you the projects I have in mind for our time together.Watch for them here as the months roll along. Yes, we will have MORE time to actually create or get well under way some projects from all the techniques you will learn in my workshop. Past students, not to worry. I will send each of you paper work on them but not for awhile (I have to write them up first).

May you get all your Kreative Kravings done this month. Hugs, Heidi


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2 thoughts on ““Kreative Kaleidoscope Kravings”

  1. Timely posting for me–I am just getting ready to do a kaleidoscope quilt out of scraps of fabric made for the African market, and the black and white zingers will play a big role in my creation. Thanks very much.

  2. What a relaxing post – as I started reading, seeing the sunset, kitties hard at work – ahhhh. And then, the kaleidoscopes woke me right up… Look so fun! Way to go Heidi. You make everything seem easy – I’m sure it’s really hard to get all of those squares lined up to make the kaleidoscope. Keep the KKK going! Love it.

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