“Christmas on Emerald Court”

by Sandra Bruce

I’ve had the great pleasure in 2014 of teaching my “Christmas on Emerald Court” quilt as a monthly class, from February until December. We just had the wrap-up last class, which was a Christmas lunch pot-luck. Since it is close to Christmas I thought it’d be a nice time to tell you about this quilt. Mostly hand-appliqued, some piecing…embroidery, yo-yos, buttons, and other fun embellishments. Here it is:



A little bit about my thought process….in my long-arm business I have quilted a few customers’ extraordinary hand-appliqued quilts. One in particular I marveled at the underside of the top, where I could see the tiny hand-done stitches that composed the appliqué work. It made me want to design and make a hand-appliquéd quilt, most intensely!

So, I drew out my initial idea on graph paper, with a fine-point pen. You can see that some elements stayed the same and some changed quite a bit, or were replaced altogether.



I had the blocks enlarged 1000% at a copy center, and proceeded to begin at the top left-hand corner, and went left to right, top to bottom (I’m a little OCD this way, I guess). Somewhere along the way I decided it would be a fun class to teach, and also would make a great pattern to sell. I’ve done the class through to its completion, and now I’m figuring out the pattern part, and how to produce it.

We met at Sugar Pine Quilt Shop every 3rd Friday afternoon and I gave out the blocks month by month, including doing a demo on any special techniques I used, such as Perfect Circles templates and how to make yo-yos. It was so fun to see each person’s fabric choices and colors, and watch the blocks come to life.IMG_6613IMG_6602IMG_7296


The pattern drafting was a good learning experience for me. Using math and being precise is not typically my forte so I had to rise to that challenge, and I had good feedback from the ladies in class about my directions and explanations. Always appreciated! I learned so much from them.IMG_7779


Here’s a few more shots from our December party, where we enjoyed looking at each quilt, picking out polymer buttons for them, and working on blocks not finished.IMG_8296



Thanks to: Rachel, Joan, Wanda, Barbara, Trish, Donna, and Ruth.

I’ve also had the pleasure of quilting 2 of these on my long-arm, with my own as a guide and inspiration.IMG_8265


I’m teaching this class again, in 2015, coming up soon! If you are local, and interested, contact me or Sugar Pine for details. I hope to have the pattern available soon as well. I plan to make the individual block patterns available singly, as they would make cute wall-hangings (and much less to do than making the whole quilt.) But I will have the whole quilt pattern too.


Two weeks until Christmas…..a tree to get, a house to decorate, menus to plan and gifts to finish. I’d better get moving! I’ll leave you with a close up photo of a one-block wonder Christmas wall hanging I made a couple of months ago, from a class I took from Cathy Stone. Wishing you all a safe, peaceful and magical holiday season. See you in 2015 with news of our Zephyr Retreat. Buon Natale, SBIMG_8313




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