Thanksgiving at Heidi’s House…




Home made Cranberry Sauce. It’s the yummiest! The COLORS of the berries, AMAZING!

DSC_0345My Thanksgiving table is eclectic. I am using what I have and spending very little $ on any decorations, or if I do buy they must all serve dual purposes, just like my quilting/clothing techniques that I teach.

DSC_0318 What are these? My napkins of course. Years and years ago I made one dozen linen napkins (the perfect amount then), I now need one dozen more! That ain’t happenin’ so I go every other and mix them with vintage linen.

DSC_0322Jacquard paints are perfect. Collect leaves in early fall while still green. Paint the BACK side of the leaf with several colors and press it to the right side of the napkin. Heat set. DSC_0326

Tablecloths, look for bargains on washable home decorating fabrics. 54″ wide, perfect.

DSC_0338 DSC_0349For a unifying effect with all the eclectic, pinecones (from Zephyr Point of course), chargers under each plate, and loose fresh cranberries run the length of all the tables.



I’m ready! Much to be thankful for this year! Hugs, Heidi


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at Heidi’s House…

    • I am very thankful to have so much family able to come to the feast. And the weather here in Cedar Ridge was fabulous so kids and adults alike could enjoy being outside before the food was served. The scene around the deep fryer outside was too funny. And after the turkey comes out (I did an oven one the day before! Am I crazy or what?) they throw in potato skins and super thinly sliced yam pieces. Add a little salt and/or no salt seasoning and the yummy factor goes off the charts. Heidi

  1. Love both blogs!
    Too bad Modern Patchwork didn’t show the front side with the cute buttons.
    You might bring it to January PTQG workshop along with MP and show it off! I would love to see it in person.
    Also love the kitty posing with your bag.
    And, Thanksgiving looks terrific at Heidi’s.

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