KFC = Kaffe Fassett, Fall,Color


Doing my happy dance! I LOVE KAFFE FASSETT STUFF, FALL, & COLOR!!DSC_0546

Oh yeah!, Twirling, you just HAVE to when you wear my Whisper Blouse pattern and everything Kaffe Fassett. Easy to wear, comfortable, easy to make. See it, buy it, make it! Go to Craftsy.com   Sewing patterns, Designs by Heidi, or Heidi Emmett.

DSC_0547I was twirling so much for these pictures that I got super dizzy! Ha, Ha. O.K., not having breakfast first probably didn’t help.


The Kaffe Fassett sweater is from Peruvian Connection. Great place for ideas too on putting together a fun look. My sweater came from Ebay (I do get a bit emotional while bidding for anything Kaffe) and I HAVE to set my limits ahead of time and STICK to them.


The necklace is from an art studio tour and the bracelet is from Ebay again. Ayala Bar. Love her stuff. The fingerless mitts are handknit in Alpaca from Zrphyr Point, Bear Necessities gift shop. Speaking of Zephyr Point….


Just a few pictures from our recent stay at Zephyr Point in Cabin A. We call it OUR cabin now ’cause I made and installed new curtains for the little kitchen. This is Pope Beach at South Shore. This was taken at 11:00 a.m. The mountains in the background are on the western shore. We are watching a storm come in.


Poplar trees at Pope Beach. No, those aren’t stars in the sky. The wind really came on strong and it was so beautiful watching it rain poplar leaves against the cerulean blue sky.


Back at Cabin A watching the storm coming in. Those mountains are same ones viewed from Pope Beach.


I had to get a closer look at the white caps. Temperature dropped like a rock and it was so windy that I had to SIT on the dock for fear of blowing off. It is 1:30p.m.


Two hours later, storm done, lake calm, temperature ohhh so cold. See the beautiful dusting of snow on the same mountains.


20 minutes later, a bit warmer, sun shining, so fresh.


Bring on the water!


Ahhhhh…sit on the bench and soak in the loveliness. It was a working vacation. I spent hours writing up pattern instructions on 3 new patterns. I need uninterrupted time. Find your own uninterrupted time for some creativity this week. 15 minutes, start with  15 minutes a day. Hugs, Heidi

8 thoughts on “KFC = Kaffe Fassett, Fall,Color

  1. Loved reading this and all the photos are beautiful! I am going to order one of your patterns! I am Kathy, Sandra’s friend…

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