Return from Zephyr, and Fall Begins

By Sandra Bruce

It’s been a few weeks since we had our retreat at Zephyr Cove and I’m still smiling. The fond memories and great satisfaction I got from my students is going to last me a while. The combination of such a magical and beautiful place, perfect weather, and the camaraderie that the 3 of us had (Christine, Heidi and myself)  plus our great students make me look forward to next year with much anticipation. Can’t wait!

The first evening after dinner I took the first of many sunset photos.



I really love teaching and when I do a workshop where ladies bring their own images to turn into Matrix quilts it’s an extra special treat. In my class we had a variety of subjects: an African hippo, koi fish, 2 kinds of dogs, a pair of flip-flops in the sand, and a son with a mischievous smile. Everyone brought enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn that made my work joyous.

How can you beat this view from the ironing board? The color of the water!!!!IMG_7591Everyone worked hard and the efforts paid off.IMG_7686IMG_7648IMG_7649IMG_7585

It was so satisfying for us to see results start to unfold! (bottom left corner…..see it?)IMG_7609Nothing says success and accomplishment like these smiles.IMG_7646IMG_7726


The most reoccurring comment we got was that everyone would have liked to have had one more day in class. Heidi, Christine and I are working hard with the Zephyr Point folks to make this happen for next year. I will teach Material Matrix again, and hope for as wonderful a class as this year’s was. Special thanks to Jane, Cheri, Liz, Lindsey, Nancy, and Pat.

As we proceed with our plans for next year, we welcome feedback and comments from our interested blog readers about what you’d like to see at the Artistic Alchemy Retreat in beautiful Zephyr Point.

Meanwhile, I feel like celebrating the first soaking rain of the season which came today. Fall is here, after the driest spring/summer season we’ve ever had here in the Sierra Foothills. May the fires go out quickly, and I hope for the safe return of all our firefighters. Here’s a couple of before and after pictures, taken about a day apart. The first, the beginning of my driveway with smoke illuminated by the sun, and the second, my new studio deck getting wet for the first time. What a difference a day can make!



Happy creating until my next blog post!


2 thoughts on “Return from Zephyr, and Fall Begins

  1. I will be following your blog in hopes of joining in the fun next year. I really enjoyed your lecture at the Gold Bug Guild and look forward to learning more about shadows and light.

  2. Thanks for the update, Sandra, and the new photos. I am having so much fun with Bruiser. In fact you might say I’m obsessed! I keep cutting and trying out new colors for foliage and water. Will send you a photo soon. AND I’ll have an amazing collection of leftover 2 1/2″ squares to make pillows, potholders, etc!

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