“Goodie Bags & Giveaways” AND “Fabric-Chicks”



Sunset, 8:44p.m., Thurs., June 12th, Zephyr Point, home of the Artistic Alchemy Retreat



Sunset, 5 minutes later, Zephyr Point, home of THE ARTISTIC ALCHEMY RETREAT! Come, we have a place for you, “Where the Sky Touches All The Worlds”.

by Heidi Emmett

I have seen pictures like this of Lake Tahoe and I ALWAYS thought they were photo-shopped. I took these shots myself last week. Almost 40 minutes of ABSOLUTE BEAUTY, brought to us by God.

Yes, there will be Goodie Bags and Giveaways, for all you who join us September 2-5th. They will be both delicious and fun! Also, Fabric Chicks of Minden, Nevada will bring some of her 4,000 sq. ft. store, to US! We will have a “shopping fix” without leaving the premises.

Heidi’s Post for Friday, June 20th.


Wild and crazy these are. Three things happening here: 1. It all started with Pinterest. 2. Changed up what I saw to make it my own. 3. I am having a blast recycling denim jeans!DSC_0007


I said it all started with Pinterest. To me, Pinterest it like having 20,000 magazine subscriptions. By the look of these piles above I’m almost there! I LOVE my books and magazines. They are my friends. And I am in a few of these too! But Pinterest goes everywhere I can’t haul a magazine or book. Please follow me, I’m under, Heidi Emmett. I have fun boards and I keep adding more. Also, visit my personal blog: Designsbyheidi.wordpress.com


Lynn at LilyQuilts.com posted one picture of a Spiral like the one in the lower right corner. Her’s was a tighter spiral and larger. They aren’t denim bags (although, I think they could be if you wanted). They are “fabric wall vases”. The credit for these cuties goes to Blue Mountain Daisy, a blog out of Australia. Hers are yellow pieced and quilted and filled with fall flowers. Check out her fun blog too. DSC_0028

I am going through an “upcycling denim” phase right now. It all started with the “Rods and Reels” pillow that is still out on “spec” to Stitch magazine. I love playing with old, soft, denim.

DSC_0029 I will bring PLENTY of denim pieces up to Zephyr so that we can play!



These spirals are on the bias, so it takes a bit more fabric. WAIT until you SEE what I am doing with these on Linen! Oh, I do LOVE linen. One item is a linen skirt (that I am working on), so check your closet for a linen item (or something you can cut up) that we can upcycle. Until next time, Hugs from Heidi.




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