Open Studio at the Retreat!

by Christine Barnes

Greetings again, followers! We have some exciting news about the Tahoe Retreat:DSC_0094Would you like to get away but aren’t in the mood for a class?  Would you like to be with other quilters, but work on your own, in a beautiful Tahoe setting? Then bring your projects (and perhaps a friend) to Open Studio! We’ve set aside another teaching room for those who would love to come, breathe the crisp mountain air—and finish a quilt that’s been languishing on the shelf. You’ll get the same package as workshop students—lodging, meals, evening festivities—without the class. The cost is $285 double, $420 single.

I remember going on an independent quilting retreat at Zephyr a few years ago. Every morning I went to the dining room early, got a cup of coffee, and sat outside our workroom, “watching the lake go by.” It was magical. I’d like to take Open Studio myself, but wait, I’m teaching a workshop! Kidding aside, you might like to consider this option; it could be a great getaway for your mini group. We’ll update the registration form in a few days. If you’d like to be put on a list of interested people, just get in touch with any of us.

p.s. The photo above was taken from the gift-shop deck, which has a 180-degree view of the lake.



5 thoughts on “Open Studio at the Retreat!

  1. If a friend wanted to join my roommate and me as an “Open Studio Independent”, are there 3 bed rooms available?

      • Perhaps I didn’t phrase my question correctly above. I have a roommate for the retreat. If, however, another friend wanted to come as an independent, can the three of us then be changed to ONE, 3-bed, room? Thanks, Nancy P.

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