by Sharon Alves

I had a post ready.  However, I was so excited that one of my designs won a blue ribbon at the Springtime in the Pines quilt show in Grass Valley, CA last weekend.  So, I thought that I would share it with you today.

2014 Quilt  Show-2


This quilt was designed to be the Opportunity Quilt for 2015 for the Pine Tree Quilt Guild.  I was asked to create the design and a group was formed to make the quilt.  The group was made up of an eclectic group of quilters – each with their own unique style and talent. Sandra Bruce, Deirdre Campbell, Ingrid Cattaneo, Lynda Lasich, Melissa McGinnis, and Cathy Stone, all members of the Pine Tree Quilt Guild, made this quilt a work of art.  We called ourselves Moss Rox after a wine that both Ingrid and I both appreciate.

I started this design by thinking circles.  Those of you that know me know that I think that everything is better with beads.  I was thinking of circles that could be embellished with beads.  So, I started doodling.

Original SketchWith Sandra’s help it worked into this – the final design.  The quilt was designed to showcase the many facets of quilting and quilt art.  Machine piecing, pintucking, paper piecing, applique, smocking, beading and machine quilting were all used on this quilt.

Sketch3Now the creativity begins.  Although we did labor with the fabric selection, once we had that worked out, the quilt started taking shape.  First Ingrid Cattaneo pieced the large flower, and Lynda Lasich did the beautiful pintucking on the stem.  Cathy and Lynda both did the wonderful applique.

photo 1

Photo by Ingrid Cattaneo


photo 3

Photo by Ingrid Cattaneo

Deirdre Campbell did the paper piecing on the leaf.  Deirdre and Melissa pieced the border.

photo 4

Photo by Ingrid Cattaneo

Cathy and Ingrid did the smocking on the flower centers.  Ingrid and I did the beading.

photo 2

Photo by Ingrid Cattaneo

Sandra Bruce and Cathy Stone did the quilting.

As you can see, the final product is quite different than my original sketch.  I have discovered that it is liberating to just let your quilt speak to you, and let it unfold.  Give yourself the freedom to change your perspective.  At one point we all stood back and said “that’s enough.”  Your quilt will tell you when it is finished.  However, I did get my circles with beads.

It was such a wonderful experience to work with all of this talent, and I wish to thank them all for making this quilt a success.

I have reduced the size of the original pattern and I am preparing a pattern for this design.  It will be available on my website in about a month.

5 thoughts on “FIORI

  1. Sharon, this Major- “Art Quilt” is FANTASTIC! So much creativity. Are you going to offer beading of some kind in your workshop at Zephyr? I just LOVE how dynamic this quilt is and what a stunning piece to have on display in MY HOME! Are tickets ready to buy yet? Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the process with us.

  2. Sharon, this is such a fascinating narrative on the development of a design. I loved reading about how you and the other amazing quilters went from your design to the finished quilt. And it is exquisite! The guild is so fortunate to have it as its opportunity quilt for 2015. It’s a real winner!

  3. This is a brilliant team effort. Not only is the design unique, but the detail is exceptional, and it attains a three dimensional look that is amazing. The blue ribbon was well deserved!

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