“Style is a Simple Way of Saying Complicated Things.”

by Heidi Emmett

“Style is a Simple Way of Saying Complicated Things.” – Jean Cocteau.

I think this thought can be attributed to Art, Furnishings, Clothing, and of course, Quilting! The following pictures will show you a way to create style, using large scaled printed fabrics. It is done simply, but oh, so, complicated looking. This technique is perfect in a vest, wallhanging, or any number of creative projects.

DSC_0181A complicated Marcia Derse all over printed, large scaled fabric.DSC_0184 (2) Gathering other Marcia Derse fabrics and Kaffe Fassett “shot cottons.” And of course, I pick out possible jewelry to go with…DSC_0202 (2)I like to look at things on angles and take digital pictures. It helps me get a sense of proportion, scale, design, and colors. I have added some, taken away some, all to go with the first large scale print. DSC_0673

DSC_0674Close ups of sections of the “Skinny Vest” I created using this technique.I have to say, my sewing machine was giving me FITS while making this vest. It will be worth your sanity to have your machine in tip top shape. Skinny Vest pattern available at Craftsy.comDSC_0228


I love the complex look of this vest, “Skinny Vest”, using Marcia Derse fabrics.




A beautiful Aboriginal fabric. Don’t be afraid of stripes (this one is believe it or not) that go from selvage to selvage. I’ll show you how to make long, lean, pieces with it.



DSC_0149 (2)


“Skinny Vest”, Aboriginal Angle. Love, these colors.


Another FABULOUS Aboriginal that I am working with. I pull EVERYTHING I think might work and then begin to edit. I’ll bring this to Zephyr to show you in person. DSC_0803

The other day I went to my studio to iron shirts for my husband to wear for work. I abandoned the ironing (I made him wear sweaters) when I saw this Anna Maria Horner, moths and butterflies. Oh my, what will I create with this? Stay tuned. Better yet, sign up for my workshop at Zephyr and while the light breezy wind (that’s what Zephyr means) from Tahoe, washes over us, you will be creating your own style, complicated looking, yet simple. Hugs, Heidi


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