Spiraling Out of Control!

by Heidi Emmett



I love spirals and I am out of control on the ideas. I can’t STOP making them. Below are many different types of spirals. I will show you ALL of them at Zephyr, demonstrate SOME of them, and have you make SOME of these beauties in our workshop. Each month I will be showing a different technique that will be worked on by you at our retreat. All are fun and easy to do (or I wouldn’t make them)!




I love how beads, fabric, and yarn, make for some yummy spirals. Just wait until you see how I use these, and you will be able to too!



There are spirals within spirals, or is it a fractal? DSC_0599

Yarn spirals that will be attached with beads. Yum, yum!


I did this when my machine was giving me fits so excuse the weird stitch lengths. Love the sparkles in this spiral.


Beading, will be discussed and hopefully have time to try some of my techniques. So bring beads you already have. Don’t buy any, unless you have to or want to.


My helper, Rubix. What a silly cat! I leave you with visions of spirals dancing in your head. The fabulous view rooms are going, going,….so sign up soon! Love to have you in my workshop. Fun and creativity will be the name of the game. Hugs, Heidi

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