Recharging the Creative Batteries


IMG_3273My post is late because I was at Dillon Beach recharging my creative batteries with a group of my quilting friends.  As luck would have it, the wifi connection did not work and for most, there was not phone access either.  (I just had to snap this  picture because I thought it was classic.)IMG_3270We manage to get together about once a year for an extended weekend to do what we enjoy so much – quilting, eating, etc.  (And not necessarily in that order.)  Check out the light fixture.


We manage to walk into a beautiful home and…………IMG_3250in about a half hour we have it dismantled and ready for sewing.

IMG_3259I have been so extremely busy with my job that I wasn’t sure that I could make it this year.  However, I decided at the last minute that I certainly needed some time with my passion – quilting.  It seems that lately, my work life and home life often collide and I find myself having to choose either to work longer hours or take time for myself and recharge my batteries.  Most of the time, I choose to work the longer hours thinking that “It has to be done” and when it is done, I will take time for myself.  Of course, this rarely happens and then I find myself stressed out and unhappy. Designing a quilt pattern, deciding on colors, picking fabrics and creating a beautiful work of art is what my soul lives for.  However, before you can nourish the mind, you must nourish your soul.  I took the weekend to give my soul what it needed so I could be at my best when my work week started again.


How could you not be nourished with a settling like this?

”Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”

What is your passion?  Is it time for you to recharge your batteries and nourish the creativity in your soul?  It certainly was for me.  Take some time to let everything else go and immerse yourself in  the beauty and creativity that comes from enjoying your passion.  Whether it is by yourself in your studio or sharing with great friends,  you will be surprised at how good your soul feels.

IMG_3283IMG_3279Last month I told you that I would share my new quilt as it progressed.  Well, I’ve got a rough draft of the pattern to show you.

This is the fabric that I showed you last month.
fabric photo_2 I have added a new fabric.

thThis is the pattern draft.

Diamonds Model (1)Happy Quilting!!  Take some time this month and recharge your creative batteries.


10 thoughts on “Recharging the Creative Batteries

  1. What a special place! I’d recharge my batteries there anytime. I LOVE your new pattern draft. And the new fabric you added, too funny, the last time I was in the quilt shop, THAT Kaffe stripe is the one I pulled out to buy first. I have a working title for this new quilt, “Energizer”!

  2. Sharon, great pix! I could almost smell the ocean when I viewed your pictures…..sigh. A beautiful place to recharge. I can’t wait to see your new quilt design become reality!

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