Heidi Emmett – Modern Patchwork!

Happy New Year to you all. Mine has started off with a BANG! I am so excited to have a project of mine chosen for publication in the Spring 2014 issue of Modern Patchwork. Mum’s the word on what it is until I get the “go-ahead”. Modern Patchwork, is truly a fresh, clean, look on quilting for the 21st century.There are new twists and turns with proven techniques in the world of quilting. I’ll keep you posted on my project!

Modern Patchwork cover for AA postI promised that I would begin in 2014 to show you the techniques that we will explore in my workshop at Zephyr this coming September. A quick reminder on that: first ones to sign up for any of our workshops, are guaranteed a “room with a full on view of Lake Tahoe”! I’m just sayin’..



I must admit, this vest is 25+ years old. I worked so hard on the machine applique’ work of poppies. I just tucked it away in closet all these years until recently. How can I update this Vogue, Carol Horn pattern?

I cut off the sleeves, and much of the length. While staring at the blank canvas of the front, I really thought about poppies and how the petals are ruffled and look like crepe paper. I layered two pieces of fabric and stitched them together in a circle with a spiraling center. I cut away some of the top layer to reveal the fabric underneath. I then cut the outside edges to form a circle shape. There’s an illusion of ruffles and crepe paper.

DSC_0179 DSC_0180

For the leaves, I again layered two fabrics and free-formed stitched to create a leaf shape that is somewhat similar to a poppy leaf. After all the pieces were arranged on the two front pieces, I edge stitched them down with a straight stitch. I really like the way the concept moved from the satin-stitched edges and the structure of machine applique (on the back),to the free form, “raw edge” look of the front.

I have been having so much fun with these, “artful applique pieces”. Their uses and dimensions are endless. Please visit my blog (designsbyheidi.wordpress.com) for more ways to create with artful applique pieces. I will post there on Monday, January 20th. I will leave you with one more grouping that I am working on. Hugs, HeidiDSC_0184

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