I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas and…

… being creative too! Heidi Emmett here. We creative types are always thinking: “What if?” What if I add two bold patterns to my vest idea, or quilted table runner? What if I try Sharpie pens to selectively “dye” a piece of fabric? You get the idea. For my Christmas post, I had to show you some “what ifs” in the decorating sense.

DSC_0163 I love our Christmas  tree! I grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm. I would earn money planting trees, weeding trees (ick!) and dream of the fabric I would buy. True story. My husband indulges me every year with the biggest tree I can find. And can you believe it! We built our house right next to another Christmas Tree Farm.


Every ornament has a story. That’s what makes them sew special! This Sleepy Mouse is one of our family’s favorites. A friend made this for me 35 years ago. I really want to make some of these. What if I felt the mouse, add a stocking cap, and felt the bedding?


This is one of my vintage ornaments. What if make it with collaged quilted fabric? See, ideas are coming all the time.


Rex our cat is lounging underneath the tree. I put fun, old and new toys under the tree before and after the presents. My helper said “no more toys, this is MY spot”! I love beautiful hand-made tree skirts, but found out quickly that tree pitch can sometimes ruin the tree skirt that you took so much time to sew. Here is a quick tip: Use fabric yardage. I like tapestry-type fabrics because I can reverse them, which is the case with this piece. What if I make a  carpet bag purse out of this piece?  I can’t have pitch on the right side.


Isn’t Rex a handsome cat? When I am tired of hanging ornaments I put the extras in a big covered vase. The word “JOY” was cut from left over wrapping paper and taped to the inside of the glass. What if I fill it part way with fake snow and add ornaments and a little snow on top then put the top on? We had 8″ of snow on Dec. 5th and it was so pretty. I want to keep the snowy look going.


Yep, this is me with coffee mug in hand, toasting our first snow of the season! What if I make more fingerless gloves (which I wear ALL the time!) out of wool double knit and embellish them?


I really like the Merry Christmas banner. No “what ifs” on this one. We have to draw the line somewhere! I bought it!


I leave you with this last picture of The Emmett’s Christmas Tree 2013. Visit my personal blog: designsbyheidi.wordpress.com for more Christmas inspirations. I wish you all the Merriest Christmas EVER, and Hope and Peace for the New Year! Hugs, Heidi  . 

4 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas and…

  1. Simply beautiful pictures of your White Christmas! I also have a very tall tree, but your space accommodates this so beautifully….mine is a little squeezed!…… but pretty, too!! Love Christmas!

    • Teresa, Thank you for your nice comments. Christmas came and went before I looked at things here on the Artistic Alchemy blog! And guess what? My Christmas tree is STILL up! I don’t care, I love my tree and it took so long to decorate, and it is still happily drinking water. Hugs, Heidi

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