Hello from Heidi Emmett

I am so happy to be part of the group, Artistic Alchemy. While we are diverse in our approaches to fiber, we have a common thread (no pun intended) that pulls us together in our design and creative processes. We are excited to bring our unique ideas to you through the Artistic Alchemy Retreat in September of 2014 at Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center.Belle photoYes, that’s me in the above picture. My latest felting project (at the time) was selected for the Winter 2011 issue of Belle Armoire. What a great feeling to have a project published.
I have already had one career in the fiber world for 25 years. I designed, made, and sold creative clothing and accessories at shows and stores. I traveled and taught many quilting and creative clothing classes. The last 16 years of my career was owning a full service fabric store. I took a decade break and am back with a focus on clothing and quilting patterns and fabric creating techniques. DSC_0930DSC_0933DSC_0935DSC_0939This is my “Skinny Vest” pattern aka Terrific Tabard in three different views. You can see several techniques used to create a new fabric that was then sewn into this vest.
Don’t forget to visit the site where my patterns are sold: Craftsy.com Go further into the site by looking at Sewing patterns/Heidi Emmett. I also have my own blog: designsbyheidi.wordpress.com You will want to follow it! DSC_0228One more picture of a “Skinny Vest” (because you feel skinny while wearing it). This one is using Marcia Derse fabrics mostly.
These past few years I have enjoyed creating new techniques for manipulating pieces of fiber and fabric to put into and onto clothing, accessories, and quilts.
I have quite a list of these fun, and above all, fast and easy techniques. I can’t wait to show you how to make them yourselves and add them to your own clothing and quilting projects.
I leave you until next time with a September sunset view from the Bear Necessities Gift Shop up at Zephyr Point. Imagine YOU in that picture of Lake Tahoe.
Hugs, HeidiDSC_0024

2 thoughts on “Hello from Heidi Emmett

  1. Am interested in the Zephyr Cove retreat and your workshop. Can you provide more specific details on your particular workshop, techniques taught, etc. thanks!!!

    • Hi Cynthia: So nice to hear from you. I was general in my opening post wasn’t I? I will honestly say that I have so many techniques to teach that I was planning to sit down in January and decide what would be of most value to all concerned. In the meantime, please look at my personal blog, designsbyheidi.wordpress.com and scroll through. I think it will give you a good idea of the kinds of things I do. Starting with my first post in January for the A.A. blog, I will begin introducing the techniques that will be taught at our fabulous retreat. Hugs, Heidi

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